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What is MidBay Sailing?

We are a sailing academy and sailing charter based in Bluewater Bay, Niceville, on Florida's Emerald Coast.

Whether you have a week or only an afternoon, if you're completely new to sailing or want to increase your sailing knowledge and ability, we have a class that will fit your schedule and your experience. 

Our charters are the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful waters while on vacation in Destin - sunset cruises are a favorite, as are wedding parties.

Discover a world of beauty on the water


Sailing at sunset is the picture of calm and relaxation for many of us. There's a warm breeze, the soft sounds of water gliding past, and the pressures of life left behind.

We believe that a sailing outing with friends is the closest thing to heaven - and we believe everyone can learn to sail themselves.

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Isn't learning to sail hard? Is sailing complicated?

If you've ever been on or even looked at a sailboat, there is a lot going on. Most of it may be unfamiliar, even for many boaters. And, if you've listened to sailors talk, there are a lot of strange words thrown around.

For many people, the unfamiliarity of sailing and the pressure of being in charge of a large boat can be scary. Just like learning to drive a car, it takes time and experience to become confident in your skills. Just like learning to drive, learning to sail opens up brand new experiences that make it more than worthwhile.