MidBay Sailing Academy's J/80 "Mud Bug".  Learn more about our boats

MidBay Sailing Academy's J/80 "Mud Bug". Learn more about our boats

Why take sailing instruction courses?

Your level of skill and desired activities on the water will determine how much you can get out of sailing courses like ours.

  • For Beginners: We're able to help you decide if taking command of a sailboat or powerboat is for you. Our school is designed to begin with the basics and walk with you as your increase your skills at the pace you're comfortable with. 
  • For Intermediate Sailors: You may be thinking about taking an overnight cruise, or venturing outside your home waters. The courses will build your confidence in boat handling under uncertain conditions, explore navigation, and multi-day expeditions. 
  • For Experienced Sailors: You may be looking for a break on your boat's insurance rates, or to earn certifications for bareboat charters. Once you've passed the beginning courses, you'll have the opportunity to take advanced courses in navigation, weather and more. 
If you're here, we figure you already know you'd enjoy sailing, whether on your own boat or a charter. If you're still on the fence, though, check out our Experience Sailing course to get hands-on time on the water. 

Isn't there a lot of yelling and stress in boating?

That's certainly the reputation, but we believe that yelling isn't necessary on a boat. Stress doesn't help anyone learn anything, either. By taking one step at a time, under experienced guidance, we are certain you'll be learning while having fun!